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My name is David Eckert.
I am a Sudbury boy, born and raised.
I have been operating EB Films since 2005, when I was awarded a grant by FedNor at a high school trade fair competition (FedNor Business Challenge 2005). Since then,
I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse array of clientele, including many other small businesses, non-profit organizations such as Sudbury Pride and the Blueberry Festival, and individuals in the Sudbury area.I have a particular interest in weddings during the summer months. 
I have always had a passion for video, since I was a little kid with dreams of being the next Spielberg. In high school, I took a business course, which led to the aforementioned FedNor Business Challenge for youth entrepreneurs. After winning my grant, my business was able to take off for real.

In college, I enrolled in journalism, and upon graduation, had expanded my skill set to include many other formats of video media.  I am now pursuing film making as my career, with a specific focus on making movies that celebrate the important memories of the people of Sudbury and Northern Ontario.

You are my neighbours, family and friends, and I want to make sure your memories are there to share with the ones who are important to you.